A Most Enjoyable Respite

The humans are off to the Big City to the North, having plans to meet up with some of their friends.  I know, I know–it always surprises me that they have friends all over the state.  I suppose spreading them around means that none of them has to put up with the pair of them for very long at a time.  But I digress.

At any rate, the plan proposes games, eating, more games, more eating, some shopping, a moderate amount of alcohol, quite a bit of laughing, and a bit more eating to round out the visit.  The car is loaded with games and a bag of two of comestibles to contribute to the gastronomic excesses.

The Big City to the North is considerably farther away from the Big City to the South.  Sigyn and the human female, being of limited bladdular capacity, have requested what the humans crudely term a “pit stop” to interrupt the journey.

I’m not enthusiastic.  Not only do I have a godly capacity when it comes to holding my beverages, I know from previous cross-country expeditions with the humans that roadside rest stops tend to be exactly as named—little better than actual pits.

Sweet glittering Bifrost!  This is a far, far cry from most of the ugly concrete bungalows that dot the rest of the state!

Texas Rest Area building on I-10

This looks more like a destination than a waystation!  The sprawling complex houses historical displays and in addition to some truly palatial toiletting facilities.

Image result for navarro county rest area

Outside, overlooks, bird-watching spots, walking trails, and greenery cover the grounds.  There is even some theme-y art.


Sigyn says she didn’t know that bison were so tall.

She’s also exited to see that, despite the excellent state of repair of this whole place, the grounds-keeping staff have not been too punctilious in their duties.


There are some very cheerful and sit-able dandelions in the flower beds.

I, on the other hand, have great hopes for some of the wetter, wilder bits of this place…


The humans can continue on.  I think Sigyn and I are biding here for a while!

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