I Want to Taste Everything! (Sigyn Speaks)

While everyone else is playing games back at the house, I’ve come out with the human female, the Blue-haired Godddaughter, and her mother.  We’re having a little shopping expedition, and it’s such fun!

We’re in this beautiful, fancy shop I was here before, once, but I didn’t take any pictures then.  I didn’t think the shopkeepers would like it.  This location is going out of business soon, though, and the clerks all seem more open and talkative today, as if they don’t have to be so fancy anymore.  I’m sad the shop is closing, but not sad that all the deliciousness is on closeout sale.

This store reminds me of Aladdin’s cave–if the cave were full of oil and vinegar!  Really!  That’s almost all they sell!

The fun part is that you can take tastes of all the different things!   Look!  They have toothpicks and little bread cubes you can dip.


I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of oil.  And not just plain oil, either–they have different flavors!

And look at all the different kinds of vinegar!  How fun is this?


I want to try  the elderflower apple lime.  (dip, nibble, nibble…)  Hmm.  The elderflower part is nice, and the apple is nice, but I’m not sure about the lime…  The strawberry-rhubarb is terrific, though!

Isn’t this pretty?  A lot of the oils and vinegars are in big cruets on the wall and you buy a bottle and fill it up.  If you bring back an empty bottle, you can fill it for less than buying a new one.  Very clever!


Oooh!  What’s over here?


Different kinds of maple syrple!  (dip, nibble, nibble…)  Oh, the Festivus one is good–it has cinnamon and cloves and nutmeg!  Oh, shoot!  now I’m craving pancakes!

What’s over on this shelf?  Mmm.  All kinds of toppings and spreads…


Everywhere I look, there’s something I want to try!  (See for yourself!)

Ooh!  Pretty rainbow box!


It’s a whole selection of chocolate!  I can see they have the individual bars for sale, too.  What a neat idea!

Double shoot!  Now I want chocolate pancakes!

: )

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