The Perfect Day

Long time readers may have noticed a Very Important Day go by.   Yes, indeed, I had a birthday.  One more trip around the miserable sun in this realm.

How did I celebrate, you ask?  Did I, perchance, dine out with my beloved?  Take in a museum?  Go for a stroll in the woods?  I did not.

I treated myself to a perfect day by making sure the human female had the most imperfect day possible.

I arranged for it to be gray and rainy.  The human male was sick.  She had a migraine. Then there was the usual assortment of Stupid Vendor Antics at work.  (More on that anon.)

The scanner-copier decided it didn’t want to scan a lab section’s homework assignments for evaluation by the Core Curriculum Certification Committee.

Then, along about 4:00 p.m., one of the Tech I’s came in and gave 5 days notice, leaving the human female in the lurch, staff-wise, yet again.

Aftervwork, even though she was tired, she had to drive in the dark and drizzle out to the place where she teaches some nights.

And then, oh, then, she arrived home to find that the books she ordered and was hoping for had not, alas, appeared.

But a this had:


My tummy muscles still hurt from laughing!

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