Day: February 24, 2020

I Need *All* My Minions!

Minions and fans,

If I’m ever going to successfully take over Midgard, I need every one of my minions.  I got a note today that one of them is going through a rough time.  Will you all please drop by my post from earlier to day and let darkangelshelp know that every minion counts?


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A Predictable Parcel

The human female is very predictable.   After living in proximity for so many years, I can tell you exactly what she likes.  Books.  Plants.  Books about plants.

Thus, I have a sneaking suspicion what might be in this hard, squarish parcel which has just come for her, all the way from Britain.

birthday books1

Sigyn thinks we shouldn’t open it without her permission, but I don’t give a fig.  Besides, these plastic mailers are so…flimsy.   Maybe we’d better examine the contents just to ensure that they’ve arrived safely.

By Jormungandr’s pointy teeth!  I was not expecting an amphibian!

birthday books3

That is some rather nice watercolor work, though.  Let’s have a look at the rest of it.

See, Sigyn!  I told you!  Plants!

birthday books4

Sigyn is quite taken with the bryony, but I want to see more about this toad.

Flip, flip, flip.  No more toad thus far.  The whole book is full of intricate watercolors.

birthday books5

Of the kind the human female wishes she knew how to paint.

birthday books7

She’s going to equal parts drool over the illustrations and gnash her teeth that she couldn’t replicate them if she tried for a thousand years.

Definitely my kind of book!

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