Taking Advantage…For a Little Sabotage

The humans are taking advantage of all the students being gone from town to eat out with friends without having to fight a crowd.  They like to think of it as supporting local businesses.

We’ve been to this eatery before.  Sigyn likes that she can get a healthy sweet potato.  I like that they have an ice cream dispenser and little gingerbread muffins on the salad bar.

One of the friends is actually having that sweet potato.


Another friend is apparently fond of the corn muffins and giant croutons.


Bread with a side of…bread.

I took the liberty of ordering for the human female…


Volstagg’s straining waistcoat buttons!  This is better than I hoped for.  That is a giant slab of pot roast under cheese.  They call it “comfort food,” but she is sure going to be uncomfortable with what it does to her waistline.

But she hates to waste food, so you know she’s going to eat it all.

I just love pitting one of her insecurities against another!

>|: [

One comment

  1. Bread! It’s a deli, after all… In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk potatoes with a helping of green veggie on top. All in a day’s work! 🙂

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