A Fine Crop of Bleargh

The human female is really enjoying having plants around the house.  Every so often, she has to go and stand outside and look at what’s coming up in the lawn and at all the shiny new leaves.  It’s a good thing, too, because she’s going to get all hunchy and lard-bottomed from sitting in front of the computer so long.

Today, though, I’ve planted a little surprise for her.  Instead of pink wood sorrel and primroses or yellow false dandelions or purple vetch, I’ve arranged for this to show up in the flower bed…

Just look!  Sleipnir’s fetlocks, it’s even better than I imagined!


It’s all yellow and blobby…

And there’s more over here!  Poke, poke, poke…


And it’s oooozing this red, bloody stuff…

Eeheheheheheh!   I want to see the look on her face when she finds it…

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