Day: May 5, 2020

“Helping” Around the House

These quiet, still-sheltering-in-place days offer a chance to catch up with some household chores that have been long neglected.  Or, rather, I’ve not been neglecting them so much as flat-out refusing to do them.  I have learned that if I drag my heels for long enough, someone else will usually come along and do it.  The human male folded the laundry I was supposed to do.  The human female eventually got sick of asking me to do it and swept the garage herself.  Sigyn pulled the weeds in the driveway. (She apologized to each one as it came up, but she did it.)

Near the top of my “Loki-doesn’t” list is fixing the towel rack in the bathroom.  It’s been down for ages.  Someone–I won’t say who (cough: human male)–used it to catch his balance and pulled it right out of the wall, and the holes in the drywall left by the expanding bolts as they ripped free have been uglifying the room ever since.


Poke, poke, poke…


Norns’ nighties! That really is huge.



See!  I knew it.  The humans got off their prodigious posteriors and sourced the necessary supplies (new expanding bolts).  The female actually had the job finished all on her own in a very few minutes.

Let us examine her efforts:


Not bad.  But what’s with the silver screw where there ought to be a bronze one?  That looks terrible.  Did you not keep the bronze one, human?


Or did someone—-ehehehehehe—bend it just a teensy, unusable smidge?

>|: [