Day: May 12, 2020

The Best-laid Schemes o’Mice an’ Jotuns Gang Aft A-gley, Part II: Sic Transit Gloria Quercu

The chainsaws have stopped.  The tree-removal specialist has been paid and has gone.  The oak, that venerable oak, is no more.


I know, sweetie.  It is very sad.  Especially when you realize that the human female probably killed it with with overwatering and by letting smaller trees grow up around it. But think of the life it had! If we swept away this sawdust, we could count the rings and learn who knows what.


And that’s another surprise.  You’d think a dead tree would show more signs of disease in the wood, but nope, this thing is still solid.

Sigyn, maybe you and she can put a bird feeder or something up on this stump.  You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Fandral’s Mustache!  I hadn’t looked before now at what a state the rest of the yard is in!  In reaching the dead tree and bringing its branches down, the crew smashed up a lot of saplings, peeling off bark and breaking branches.  The beautyberry, which was lush and full, is now just a handful of bare stems:


The coral bean is in a similar shape.  Not good.  Not good at all.

Here is the pile of limbs in the driveway for the City to pick up.  This will box in the human female for a few days.


Do you see me up there?  Remember that the tree itself was dead…  All those green leaves?  Collateral damage.

Some of the larger stuff is piled in the alley for collection.


That is rather a LOT of dead tree.

The trunk pieces are in the neighbor’s driveway.  He wants them for firewood.


The male and female don’t ever use their fireplace.*

Well, I am sad to see the old tree go.  The only fun I can have with it now will be if I can mischiefy the removal of its carcass.  What should the City do–leave the pile uncollected, take the pile but also take the firewoood, or skip the wood removal all together?

>|: [

*To use something, you have to be able to get to it.