Day: May 13, 2020

The Best-laid Schemes o’Mice an’ Jotuns Gang Aft A-gley, Part III: No Job Is Finished Until the Paperwork is Done

So, before the tree removers came initially, to check out the job, the human female went to move her car out of  the driveway at the back of the house, so that the tree people could pull their truck in.  When she rounded the block, she saw their truck parked in front of the house already, so she completed the circuit of the block and parked back in the driveway.

She heard them in the back yard, but when she got into the back yard, they weren’t there anymore.  She went inside, but they weren’t there, either, but then she did hear them outside and went back out to find them.  After a few more near-misses, she finally caught up with them.

The day of the removal, she didn’t hear them knock.  She finally heard them rattling around in the back yard, so she went out to meet them and get them started.

When the job was done, she expected them to knock or ring the doorbell, but nothing happened.  The crew just vanished.  Then they called and said that since no one answered the door when they were done, could they pop back around for the check?

Puzzled, she told them to come on over. So they tried it again, and managed to catch up with one another.  Job done, yes?

No!  Today, they called to tell the human female that she mis-wrote the check! Can they come right by and get a new one?

Of course?

So the human female waited, and waited and waited.  Then her phone rang again, and it was the tree people saying that since no one answered the door, when could they come by?

It was at this point that the human female began to suspect that someone was meddling in the transaction.  She did a bit of investigating, and now she has had to do this:

dead doorbell

Loki, god of ruining your credibility with tradesmen.

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