Day: May 14, 2020

So That’s What That Noise Is…

Sometimes, with the two humans working from home, the house is a fairly busy and noisy place place. Texts come in.  Phones ring.  Zoom calls happen.  Felines misbehave.  The air conditioning cycles off and on.  The clothes dryer buzzes.  The dishwasher gurgles.  Chairs creak and keyboards clack.  Someone munches something.

Other times, it is quiet.  Today it is very, very quiet.  The human female swears she can hear a soft, occasional clicking noise.  She has investigated the stove twice, and no, there’s not a burner still on.

Tick.  Tick.

No, the dishwasher isn’t doing its slow-drying routine.

Tick.  Tick.

No, she’s not hearing a drip from the faucet.

Tick.  Tick.

Ehehehe!  This has been going on ALL. DAY. and it is starting to drive her crazy.  I can’t wait for the mortals to find the surprise I’ve made!

Oh!   I think they’re starting to be suspicious. . .


The cooling box has been known to piddle water on the floor from time to time, but this?  This is new…

Tick.  Tick.

And Great Frigga’s corset, there we have it!   The male has reached into the freezer compartment for some ice…


And there isn’t any.  Just cold water, a whole lot of condensation and some very unhappy, very melty ice cream.

Oh, and soggy waffles.  Let’s not forget the soggy waffles.

It has finally dawned on them that the ticking noise is the death rattle of the twenty-year old refrigerator  surrendering its life and heading for Appliance Valhalla, or whatever the electrical afterlife is called.

Yes, I have chosen THIS WEEK, with a weekend looming and the checkbook still reeling from Expensive Tree Removal, for a major appliance to die!

The freezer portion of the refrigerator is obviously moribund.  They have a sneaking suspicion that the refrigerator compartment is not long for this world, either.  I am sitting back with one of the last of the cold beverages, watching them pour out gross and melty things, toss out thawed mystery packages, and bundle what can be saved into the big freezer in the garage.  What a tepid, drippy mess!

They hope that the fridge will limp along until they can buy a replacement.  They are removing the essentials to some ice chests and sorting out what might or might not spoil if the fridge failure is complete.  Butter, eggs, cheese bacon, medicine:  ice chest.

Nuts, grains, garden seeds: bin on the counter.


Norns’ nighties, woman!  This is truly ancient rice!


And I am pretty sure the almonds in their shells are a prop left over from a course you taught about seven years ago…

The other counter is looking more bake-y and breakfast-y—and totally useless for anything else, now!


Flour, corn meal, biscuit mix, peanut butter, maple syrup.

Triage complete, what can be saved has been saved, what can’t be saved is already out in the garbage, what doesn’t need refrigeration but which would prefer to be cool is still in the fridge:


Farewell, orange juice and milk.  Your day is over.

Ehehehehe!  And I’m not done yet!

>|: [