Things We Find on Walks

Our daily walks in the neighborhood are for more than exercise and getting away from the humans–we often find interesting and unusual things, so each perambulation is like a little treasure hunt.

We found this very random W archway.


W stands for What is this thing doing here?

We are seeing a lot of sidewalk art.  (I think the small humans must be very, very bored.)  This magnum opus has a very stained-glass feel to it.


Careful not to sit in the colored areas, my love.  I don’t know how well sidewalk chalk comes out of red velvet.

Other young artists have chalked pictures words of encouragement and hope to uplift us all in these dark days.  Or that’s what you’re supposed to think.  The cynic in me is quite sure that for each rainbow and every flower that graces the concrete, there is a harried, home-schooling parent who has sent a child outside (Field Trip) to write (English and Spelling) something that will comfort the neighbors (Social Sciences) and to draw (Art) a picture using a set number of colors (Mathematics).  Sometimes, the art is high up on a fence (Physical Education.)  Seven subjects ticked off the lesson plan and thirty minutes of quiet for mom, who is no doubt ensconced on the sofa with wine, a torrid novel, and a burning desire to change all the locks before the little dears can find their way back in.

Sometimes the message is less “hopeful platitude” and more “cryptic admonishment.


Touchtouchtouchtouchtouch!!! So there.

Sigyn is enamored of these metal fish we keep finding.


I looked it up in a fish book. I think it’s a bass.

Today we have found something very exciting!  Someone has set up a refreshment station with cool water and some munchy carrots!


A treat for early morning walkers?  Or–

Oh, I see.  Some youngling, no doubt, spotted one of the little molly cottontails that live in the neighborhood and has thoughtfully put out a feast for the bunnies.

Another youngling, presumably older and wiser, has helpfully pointed out that


“Rabbits do not always eat carerets.” True. Very true. (Natural Sciences)

<rumble>  The stomach has spoken!  I do not want to eat random dog-dish carrots off the ground, but I wouldn’t say no to something that is an actual breakfast.  Come my love, do you not hear the English muffins calling?

>|: [


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