Day: May 25, 2020

It’s Heeeeere!

After far too long of living out of ice chests, there is finally about to be a new cooling box in the kitchen.  The human female, not wishing to be publicly shamed as to what is lurking behind the old one after twenty years of residency, has moved it so she can give things a good cleaning.

It’s too gruesome.  I can’t look…

Treasure has been found!

fridge mice

Which leaves only thirty or so pom poms and a dozen mice unaccounted for.

And here it is!  A brand new appliance, with a blank-slate door just waiting for my artwork.



The humans waited impatiently for the new cooling unit to, well, cool, and they have now de-commissioned the miniature refrigerator and put their pitiful remnant groceries inside the new one.


Sigyn thinks cold applesauce sounds good.  I’m eyeing the blueberries.

All appears to be well. The new beast is humming along well and the Great Meltdown of 2020 is now one for the history books.

I’ll let them enjoy it for twenty-four hours or so before they realize that having the handle on the wrong side is going to drive them nuts.  They could fix it, of course, but that would necessitate unloading everything and tipping the behemoth (no more than 45 degrees!) so they can reach the hinge on the bottom.

Oh, and the yogurt and lettuce and berries are freezing.

>|: [