Several years ago, not long after my advent in this realm, I got into the human female’s phone and changed her lock screen to a photo of myself.  I wanted her to be reminded, multiple times per day, of just who is running things around here.  I wanted a not-so-subtle-reminder:  Loki is watching you…

Imagine my shock, then, to find that the upstart besom had figured out how to get into the phone and change the photo!  The audacity!

She didn’t replace it with a more recent photo of me, either!  That would have been acceptable.  If she had changed it to one of Sigyn (whom the camera adores and who has never taken a bad photo in her life), I’d have been perfectly content.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Sigyn’s smile every time they look at their phone?

But no!  I’ve been replaced by… by… This:

new lockscreen

Something from that show she’s been watching!  Who even ARE these goobers?

Sigyn!  Stop!  No!  Stop smiling!

I won’t stand for this.  Nope.  No way…

>|: [

One comment

  1. I recognize those goobers! But I didn’t recognize the term “otter box” – So I Googled it. If a protective case for a cell phone cracks – then it means it did its job! Otherwise your phone would have cracked, right?! But I suppose it could be even better at its job if it also could withstand the worst handling! I have a “Lifeproof” brand case that I love — but Miles was very disappointed in that brand in a different size — so I guess there are no guarantees….

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