Day: July 9, 2020

Adapt, Adopt, Improve: What Do You Do With a Broken Lambo?

Someone should do something about this stoopid car.  It’s a safe bet the human female isn’t going to bestir herself to put it away properly or sell it or give it to the public radio station that is always asking for people to “donate their old clunker, running or not.”  No, it will probably just sit here, shedding parts, until I use it for target practice, which will be satisfying, but messy.


Hmm.   What to do?   What to do…


Aha!  Of course.  I shall take advantage of its inherent inclination to divest itself of its wheels…


A little tinker here,

a little magic there,

a gyro or two



Hoverboards for everybody!

>|: [