It’s For ME!

A lot of packages come to this house.  The human male likes to order things like pens and ink and electronics and a new phone. (I could tell him why his current phone won’t hold a charge.  The reason starts with “L.”)  The human female is all about quilt fabric and little plastic blocks.

The Terror Twins just appreciate a good box.


But today the package is for ME!

Great Frigga’s Hairpins!  It is three-quarters open!


What I ordered had better be in here, or there will be Hel to pay!

Whew!  Safe and sound!  Come to Loki, you pretty new cloak, you!


The old one is so ratty and wrinkled.  I shall now look my glorious, pristine self again!


Make sure it hangs properly, my love.  The future ruler of all Midgard must look his best!

>|: [

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