The Trick is to Just Not Let Up

The trick to driving mortals right around the bend and all the way to Gibbersville is to just. not. let. up.  If one mischief is good, two are better.  If the water is off, blow out some outlets.  If the water and the outlets are out, go for the phones and the freezer.

But don’t stop there!  Why not arrange matters so that they cannot even enter the building?

When the outlets in the human female’s building blew, the exterior electronic door locks malfunctioned and defaulted to “always open.” Oh, door locks, how I love thee!  You have provided so much fodder for mayhem over the years!  When  power to the outlets was finally restored, the doors locked again, but their tiny, electronic card-reading brains became deliciously addled and they forgot all of their programming.

The human female received a call from the building proctor after hours.  She had a frantic Fish Feeding Person on the line who didn’t know the human female’s name (they do not work directly together) and who was unable to get into the building because her card wouldn’t work.  The fish, poor little mites, had to wait until things could be reprogrammed.

Then there are the computers.  They all have to go off a head of the outages and be turned back on again afterwards.  The human female’s Prep Staff can get to most of them and do the honors, but the human female’s office is not a place they can get to, so someone with the right key has to go up on campus and restart her system.

With another outage looming on the horizon, the fun just keeps coming.

Meanwhile, there is a dripping faucet in room 325… But it only drips when the plumber isn’t looking.

Room 302 is its own particular disaster zone…

room 302 wreck

Something unannounced is happening in 313…

room 313

And just what is going on down on the second floor?


What’s behind the mysterious Door X?

Do you really want to know???

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