Day: August 6, 2020

Mail From the Outside, Part I: This Exists?

With the humans working from home and sticking pretty close to their isolated offices when they do go in, and with outdoor time more or less limited to the immediate neighborhood, they sometimes feel as if the outside world doesn’t really exist anymore. I can understand the feeling.  We’ve all been cooped up here for what seems like forever.

Some days, the mail is our only contact with the “outside world.”

Today, something bright and colorful has appeared among the bills and advertisements.

What is this?


It appears to be some sort of lifestyle and travel magazine.

Great Frigga’s corset!


That is a LOT of pink.  Sigyn, don’t go getting any ideas.  Whatever they’re selling, I don’t want it.

Though I wouldn’t say no to this very splendid vehicle.


Hmm.  Aston Martin DB5.  It is certainly better than the last automobile I looked at.  I wonder if it is available in green?

(flip, flip, flip)

I take it back.  This is part lifestyle and travel magazine, part Neiman Marcus catalog.*  This must be their super-big gift of the year.

imperial cruiser

I like it. I want it.

There is no price listed.  Presumably one has to make an inquiry.

Or I could just go to wherever it’s parked (orbiting?) and steal it.  That works too.

>|: [

* Last year’s Neiman Marcus fantasy gift actually was a 007 Aston Martin!