Day: August 12, 2020

Vil du afspille det igen? Jeg fangede ikke hvad de sagde.

The humans have been watching an interesting drama series on one of their streaming television channels.  It’s a sort of alternative-history fantasy, and there are characters speaking different languages or with various different accents in it.  Some of the characters mumble, too, so the humans have the subtitles on.

I have no patience for subtitles.  I’m brilliant and can read extremely quickly, so I’m always done reading long before the people on the screen are finished speaking.  It’s annoying.  And boring.

Out of pique, I’ve adjusted the subtitles so that they always show up in Danish.


Every.  Single. Time.  The humans have to stop the program, work their way back through the menu, and click through the available languages to find boring old English.  “Irritating” doesn’t begin to cover it, and it never fails to amuse me.

The best part?  I made sure the languages in the menu are in a different order on every episode, so they get an irksome little treasure hunt every time they watch.

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