Day: August 13, 2020

I Have Trained Them Well

The felines enjoyed having the humans home all day, every day.   They got lots of extra cuddles and “ear-scritches.”

Now that the humans are on campus again, the Terror Twins are on their own recognizance a good portion of the day, and I have lots of time to teach them new bad habits and reinforce old ones.  Likewise, I encourage them to act out, so as to guilt-trip the humans into feeling like bad cat-parents.

Taffy Cat has to try every box that enters the house, both for taste and sitability.


Two paws are in.  Surely the other two will fit?

I have been working with them, honing their skills as cordless paper-shredders.

Looks like someone has been taking the lessons to heart.

shreddy paper1

No piece of paper left unattended is safe!  (That math is the human female figuring out she has something like 35 weeks of sick leave built up.  I could help her with that…)

While Taffy has been known to bite paper every now and then, it is Flannel Cat who is the real professional.


She always observes the proper protocol:  Knock papers off table or chair, bite the edges, scatter the resulting shreddy bits of wet confetti,

and look very, very innocent when caught in the act.


For some reason known only to herself, she also has a real fondness for biting holes in the ridiculous footgear that Midgardians call Crocs.

bitten crocs

This perforated pair belongs to the human female.  The human male’s are similarly scarred.

I am working on a spell that would give both cats opposable thumbs.  With those and a few purloined credit cards, I think we could have some real fun…

>|: [