Day: August 14, 2020

We Find Things on Walks (Sigyn Speaks)

The humans are mostly back on campus, so they don’t often have time for a walk in the morning these days.  Plus, it’s so hot lately!  I don’t mind too much, but Loki doesn’t handle heat well, so the success  of persuading him to venture out varies in direct proportion to the thermometer reading.

Still, it’s always fun to get out and about, and we always find such interesting things!

This black slug is actually pretty speedy!

found a slug

Loki wants to poke it.  Loki, leave it be!   Now  he wants to have a horn-measuring contest, but the slug has places to be and is hurrying off.

Today must be a special Mollusc Day!  Loki says this is just where the road repair crew got bored and creative with the crack-filling compound,


But I am pretty sure this is where snails come to dance–very slowly– in the moonlight.

The local purple wild petunias are blooming.


(a bit later)  There’s another !  It’s an escaped cultivated species, down in a little drainage!


It’s so tall and pretty, but the human female says it’s invasive and someone should go pull it up.  Awww.  Do we have to?

We always see birds on the walk, and people with doggies.  Sometimes, if we get up early enough we can see…yes…we are in luck today!…


Isn’t he cute?!  It’s not a good photo, I know.  I had to blow it up a lot.

Whenever I see a rabbit, my brain just sort of short-circuits and goes, “Bunnybunnybunnybunnybunnybunnybunny!”  

I very carefully never ask, but I’m pretty sure that when Loki sees a rabbit, he’s thinking, “stew.”

(a bit further on)

Squeee!  Look what is following us!

orange kitty

He’s so soft and orange and has such pretty eyes!

Please, can we keep him?

: )