Day: August 21, 2020

How Much Fun Can I Cram Into One Week? Part II: Friday

Good morning!  Are you ready to face another day in the (f)utility disaster that is Heldenfels Hall?  No?  Too bad.  You promised the phone people you’d be there today to let them into all the rooms that need phone lines.

Let us take stock of the current situation:

AC: Off, with no indication of duration.  Anticipated temperature?  100 F or thereabouts.  There is an additional chiller en route for room 314 where the Prep Staff is temporarily housed.

Elevator:  Sedentary.

Phones:  That’s why we’re here.

What now?  Oh.  The resident of the office next to the human female’s is requesting a chiller for his office, since he plans to come in today.  You’d better call for another…  Ah.  Prep Staff is all departing to work from home.  I don’t blame them.

The human female will just redirect the one that was supposed to be for 314 to 315 when it shows up.

Norns’ Nighties!  It is already warm in here.  Open up a window, why don’t you.  See?  Nice breeze.  You may need to weigh down everything on your desk, but stop whining.

(later)  The chiller is here!  Just let the service techs plug it into that unoccupied power strip there and you will be fine.  Go back to work.

(later) It is suspiciously quiet.  And hot.  The breeze has disappeared and the chiller next door has mysteriously stopped.  You should look into that.

Ah.  It is, sadly, dead.  Likely you just tripped a breaker somewhere.  Yes, one of the ones in the locked room you don’t have a key for.  Well, that’s a pickle, isn’t it?

Say, weren’t the phone people supposed to be here by now?  The human female is calling the building proctor.  Who is giving her the number of the phone tech.

Dialing the phone tech.  Friendly greeting. Phones imminent?  No. Phones not imminent.  He’s upstairs, getting Chemistry set up.  He’s having trouble getting even one line to work.  Given that things are not going well and it’s just getting hotter and hotter in the building,  shall we give it a pass today and try again on Monday?  We shall.

There goes the last reason to stay in this oven of a building.

The human male is perfectly ready to have a break from the woes he’s been having today—some of the larger online classes this fall will have more than 300 students, and the Provider Of Online-Teaching-Software (POOTS) charges for that.  Who’s going to pay? The Department?  The University?  The professors?  No one knows!  Meanwhile, the long-delayed laptops have arrived unexpectedly, and they all have to be set up.  It’s madness in the computer shop, I say!  Madness!

So, yes, he is ready to drive the human female home.  It’s a short walk to the car and–

blocked car

Or you could just wait in the shade for a bit…

>|: [