Day: September 2, 2020

There’s Still the Human Male to Annoy

I’m trying to be philosophical about the human female retiring. Sure, I won’t have the University and vendors to plague her with anymore, but there are still the felines, housework, home improvement, travel (eventually), and so on.

Oh, and I think the folks at TRS—ostensibly Teachers’ Retirement System, but I’m pretty sure it stands for They’re Really Slow—may prove to be a formidable ally. The human female faxed in her application packet, then followed that with a phone call to see if it had arrived. After waiting thirty minutes for a call back, she learned it hadn’t. Then she tried sending it all as a registered letter via Usually Smashes Parcel Significantly. The tracking shows as “delivered.” She called to check on it, and when they called back, the connection didn’t go through. So she called them again, went through the phone tree again, selected “call back” again (the queue was twenty minutes this time)—-and then was away from her phone when they called back. She tried calling the next day and left her call-back number again. They never called. I think I’ve managed to get her number onto a blocked number list. We’ll see what happens when she tries to use the new voip phone, which has a different number than her cell…

But I digress. As I was saying, there are other avenues for my mischief. The human male, who is set to ALSO retire, but in October, is still eminently tormentable with University matters until then.

Take this, for instance. This is the elevator in his building:

There are live wire ends under the blue tape. It’s been “fixed” like this for over month.

And it’s not even electrician’s tape…


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