Day: September 3, 2020

She Made All This Herself

The Great Office Move Out has commenced. The human female has been with the University for 35 years, and apparently she has used every second of it to accumulate paper.

She’s ripping used pages out of notebooks, grabbing stacks of old printouts, “weeding” journal articles she won’t need, and just generally committing decimatio. (Look it up.)

Her method appears to be to toss everything into a pile on the floor and then scoop it into the recycle bin later.

Great Frigga’s Corset! Look at all of this!

Better get that blue nitrile glove out of there. And those data CDs. I’m pretty sure the recyclers don’t want those.

The desk is no better.

Her legacy will be a full recycle bin…

No end in sight. This could go on for days. And even when she’s done, she won’t be finished, because I know for sure she’s forgotten that each of the desk drawers has a second compartment if you pull it out far enough.

Next up: removing sixty or so colorful cards, each of which is stuck up with four or more wads of blue-tack.

She may never be through in here…

>|: [