Day: September 4, 2020

I Prefer the Dinosaur Version

I’ve been using the same blog platform since the beginning of my march to conquest on Midgard. I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t a fancy blog–not a lot of bells and whistles. No, I’m all about the snark and the photos and the mischief and the delightfulness that is Sigyn.

I’ve had the occasional hiccup over the years, such as when WordPress decided that it didn’t like Firefox and I had to change browsers. But mostly, it works.

Or it DID, until the “good” folks at WordPress decided that there needed to be a New and Improved interface. Now, we’re expected to compose in something called “blocks,” and there are eleventy-seven varieties of “block” so that writers can stick in all sorts of different features.

Different features, bah. What’s wrong with text and images?

Now, they do offer the option to use the “classic” composer, but they’ve made it clunky enough that it’s no fun to. I’ve had to learn how to navigate the New Version.

New Version, you and I are going to have words.

For you see, the New Version has some fun little quirks that irk me no end. I shall enumerate its transgressions upon my good humor.

  1. IT WILL NOT LET ME MAKE A TAG THAT CONTAINS AN APOSTROPHE. Can’t don’t won’t isn’t it’s female’s–all forbidden. Now, I am driven to a homicidal fury as much as the next person by the inappropriate use of apostrophes in plurals, but preventing their use at all seems a bit beyond the pale. I queried the good folks at WP and asked them about this. Their repsonse?

Yes, thank you. I’ve been writing for going on seven years. I DO know how tags function. Morons.

2. IT WILL NOT SHOW ME, IN THE COMPOSER, WHEN I HAVE POSTS SCHEDULED. Look, I’m a very busy villain. Places to go, people to irritate, yada, yada. Sometimes I write more than one post at a time and schedule them to upload one per day. The old version would show me a scheduling calendar with a circle around dates where a post was already scheduled to go up. The New Version doesn’t. I have to remember what I’ve put where! I have a world to conquer. I don’t have time to keep track! I asked the good folks at WP about this and got back this:

Translation: “We don’t care about you or your blog.

3. It won’t let me upload more than one image at a time and let me decide what order they should be in. If I click to upload more than one image, they go in whatever order WP thinks they should go in, with no apparent way to reorder them. Used to be I could select them in any order and put them all in at once, fitting the text around them. Now, if I try to unselect theme and then select them in order, I can only get the first one. There’s an option for uploading a “gallery,” but if I do that, I can’t separate the images with text. Boo, WP, boooooo!

4. IF I PREVIEW A POST TO SEE HOW GLORIOUS IT’S GOING TO BE AND THEN NAVIGATE BACK TO THE COMPOSER, WP SUDDENLY DECIDES I CAN’T BE TRUSTED WITH MY OWN CONTENT. I mean, I can’t be trusted, generally, but I’m the only one who writes this blog! How dare they say I can’t edit?!


All in all, WP, give me back my dinosaur version. I don’t hate you enough to move to Tumblr, but you’re pushing it…

>|: [