Day: September 18, 2020

In Which Sigyn Finds Something Potentially Very Interesting

Some recent wet, cool(er) weather has resulted in a plethora of fungal exuberances. Right outside our own front door, Sigyn has discovered une pléthore de très petits champignons.

These are truly tiny. Some are no more than 1 cm tall, and they’re on fallen oak and elm leaves.

Ordinarily, I would just say, “Yes, very cute,” (referring to Sigyn), listen with half an eaer to her squeak with delight at such perfect miniatures, and then think of them no more. However, an acquaintance of the human female’s just happens to be visiting the her barium this week and he is the foremost mycologist in the state. The human female showed him the photo above, and he was most intrigued. He says they do not look like any species he knows.

He has sent this email:

I did a quick micro look at the mushroom.  The few spores I found did not
turn blue with iodine, so that should rule out the genus
Mycena.  It may be
a species of
Marasmius however I do not observe certain cells in the cap
Marasmius has.  I return home tomorrow and will look at some of my
monographs.  Good find!

Odin’s eyepatch! I have just performed the Google upon that genus name, and there are over nine hundred named species in that genus! Not all are white, not all are so tiny, not all grow in Texas, and many have very specific requirements as to substrate. Still, there must be a multiple species to which Sigyn’s little “shroomies” (her word, not mine) might belong. Still, Mr. Mycologist definitely has a feel for such things, so perhaps it is something new after all.

If they are a new species, I shall insist that he name it after my beloved.

Which will no doubt engender more squeaking.

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