Day: November 11, 2020

There’s a Season for Everything

Sometimes, when Sigyn wants to go for a walk, I don’t really feel like going, but today is bright, clear, and cool, so I’m happy to hunt up my boots and go with her.

It’s that time again. The cool nights and warm days have nudged the local trees into what passes for fall color in this part of Midgard. The Chinese Pistache on the corner is doing its best.

The human female always goes on and on about how these are not native, blah, blah, blah. She has no room to talk, with those five Chinese elms in the yard. In my book, these trees are worth it just for the fall color, especially since they often color up from the top down or from side to side. Besides, it makes my sweetie happy to look at colorful trees!

Uh, oh. Sigyn, I think you probably don’t want to look at this, though.

Too late.

Yes, my love, it is very sad. It’s always sad when some young animal doesn’t make it. Most likely it was hit by a car and didn’t suffer long. Do you need a hug?

(a bit later)

It certainly has a been a morning of ups and downs. First the joy of fall colors, then the poor dead ducky. But Sigyn is feeling better.

We ran into Old Granny Pumpkin who has been around for a long time and has seen a lot of things. She reminded Sigyn that there’s a time for everything–colorful leaves and baby ducks and old cucurbits and Sigyns. Living things come into the world and go from the world, and it all comes right in the end. So my beloved has sniffled one more tear for the duck and put her usual sunny smile back on.

Now I need a hug.

>|: [