Day: November 25, 2020

A Repeat, But This Trick Never Gets Old

The humans, because a) it is far too warm for November, b) they want to “support a local business”, and c) are too lazy and “don’t feel like cooking”, have opted to get take-out salads from one of their favorite local eateries.

You may recall that they did this same thing not too long ago, and I had some fun with it.

Let’s see if I can pull the same stunt twice…

Do you see any chicken in the chicken-apple-pecan salad, Sigyn?

Ehehehehe! Neither do I! There’s none here, and there’s no chicken in the human male’s Chicken Caesar salad, either!

A couple of phone calls and some email later, and the humans have a digital “gift card” in the amount of the price of the chicken. But will they remember to redeem it before it expires? At some point, you’d think they’d stop ordering food from a place that can’t get the orders right.

But they’re not very bright, so maybe not.

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