Day: December 14, 2020

Mischief Update: And Thus Were Many Things Unloosed Which Had Been Made Firm

I do my level best to make sure that the humans’ lives are much like trying to keep an unhappy octopus inside a mesh bag. Something comes loose. They poke it back and something else escapes.

The human female’s car went to the shop to have routine service and to have the “low tire pressure” light checked into. It came home all fixed and CLEAN. (She owes whoever washed it a pan of brownies or something because Odin’s Eyepatch, was that thing filthy!) Well, since the colder weather means that the honeydew-dripping wooly hackberry aphids aren’t pooping on the car anymore, it has actually stayed clean. Couldn’t have that, so I saw to it that the latest cold snap put the tire pressure light back on…

For some reason (innocent whistling), the human female gets a lot of headaches. Her latest refill (11 tablets) was shipped on the 11th of November, and tracking showed it had been put into the mailbox on November 14, a day in which no mail was received at all. She waited. Nothing. She called the mail-order pharmacy and convinced them to do a reship. Then she asked her physician to send a one-time prescription to the local pharmacy to tide her over until the replacement showed up. She got that filled, and then the replacement pills showed up in the mail. Then, three weeks after it was logged as “delivered,” the original shipment arrived. She called the mail-order pharmacy back and tried to pay, since now she had a total of 33 tablets, 11 of which she hadn’t paid for, and they just laughed. Three cheers for free drugs, but that’s another loose end and it niggles.

The human male got locked out of ALL his University authenticated accounts—email, files, etc.— right when he was trying to use them to complete retirement paperwork. Fun fact: When someone high up in IT retires, they lock down their account good and tight to make sure no one has access to passwords and permissions that they shouldn’t have. Apparently he was not even allowed to have access to his own information. He was very “cheery” around the house until that was resolved.

The humans have been using Zoom videoconferencing software extensively this year, both for work and for keeping up with family and friends. Originally they both the premiere (unlimited time) version through the University. Without warning last week, the human male’s account suddenly disappeared entirely and the female’s was cut to 40 minutes (this was after his log-in was restored). Many phone calls later, the human male has been told that the University’s “identity verification” office has had a lot of turnover in staff recently and they are “waaaaay behind” on problem tickets. At some point in a far-too nebulous future, his account may be restored. Possibly to the pro plan. Possibly not. Stop moaning, humans. You can pay for your own premiere account with what you saved on headache pills…

The knob on the human female’s dresser drawer parted company with the dresser again.

So he wouldn’t feel left out, I arranged a little surprise for the human male.

Note, if you please, that is not a missing screw. Missing screws are for amateurs. That is a broken temple piece. (Note also the corner of the recent, we-think-you-are-working letter from They’re Really Swamped. The human female is not so good at clearing off the desk.) The human male went to the mall (which he loathes) to get them repaired, only to find they’d changed their hours and weren’t open. On his second trip, on a different day, he was told that replacement frames would have to be ordered. They’re supposed to call him when they come in. Waiting…. Waiting…

Let’s see… What else can I turn my hand to?

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