Great Frigga’s Corset, What a Nightmare

Our impromptu al fresco repast was quite delicious. Now night has fallen and we are walking off the uncountable calories by enjoying a postprandial promenade through the neighborhood in order to observer (and judge!) the still-up displays of Yule lights and decorations.

Some houses have nothing up. (Back home, the human male and female typically do not decorate the outside of their house. It’s pure laziness, but the neighbors are convinced they are pagans.)

Other households have made a little effort.

Some actually seem to have had a plan.

I quite like the peppermint-striped tree. Look, Sigyn–doesn’t it remind you of that weird, behatted tree we saw this afternoon?

This house has embraced the lamentable craze for inflatables and has purchased one of everything.

Oh, sorry, my love! Of course that tall one reminds you of the fellow who assaulted you earlier today! Rather than remaining to catalog all the gassy flotsam, we shall move on at once! There is something rather *bright* down near the end of the block, and a number of automobiles whose passengers have stopped to ogle. Let us go see what the fuss is all aboutl.

Oh. Oh. My. Pointy. Helmet.

Not only is it loud in itself, I can hear it blaring from the car radios of various on-lookers. I have walked the mystic spaces between the Realms, but I have never seen anything quite like this

Click here to watch. WARNING! Flashing lights!

Sweet Fafnir, there’s more! How long does this go on?!

Click here to watch. WARNING! MORE Flashing lights!

These little clips do not begin to convey how obnoxious this is! The lights are much more brightly colored, the music is loud, and the show lasts thirty minutes. Traffic is snarled on this cul-de-sac street, and the radio audio keeps urging drivers not to block traffic or stop in front of anyone else’s driveway. I’m pretty sure it is visible from orbit.

Uh, oh. It’s all been a little too much for Sigyn. Watching the moving lights has made her a bit queasy. Or maybe it was that second bratwurst… In any case, I think it’s time to take my sweetie back to our little kitschy cottage and get some good rest.

Tomorrow, we shop!

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