Day: January 4, 2021

All Shiny and New

January 1 is a liminal space, somehow not really part of the old or the new year. It’s now that we get down to the nitty-gritty of dealing with a new calendar, dreary winter weather, pandemics, and the dim-witted mortal tendency to write the wrong year on everything until March at least.

That up there is the human female’s pathetic journal from last year. (It is nowhere near as fascinating as this chronicle of mischief!) In it she records the trivial details of her humdrum existence. What she did and ate, how many cases of plague there are, what’s blooming, and, apparently rounding out 2020 by aspersions upon my sterling character! Wench, you have just earned yourself another year of mischief!

She filled up that desk calendar, so now she has a new journal.

Silly, the human belief that a new journal, with crisp blank pages and an unstained cover, will somehow make her healthy, organized, and sane for the next 365 days. Might as well just go ahead and write “Delusions of Adequacy” where it says, “SUBJECT.”

This does seem to be a rather Useful Object, however. It isn’t divided into days–it has ruled pages so that the pathetic details of her life can be moaned about at length and so that there is sufficient room to record my cunning efforts to make her life more miserable and/or surreal.

There is a handy time zone map, in case I want to make mischief for the human female’s relatives in the Mountain and non-conforming Arizona time zones.

This book can be used as a “bullet journal,” which I was saddened to learn has nothing to do with ammunition and shooting things. There is a rather nifty stencil bookmark included.

Sigyn is looking forward to helping the human female stencil little hearts and stars on the good days. Very clever, my love. Is there a wee skull-and-crossbones stencil for noting days on which I have been especially creative?

She is even more excited about the tiny flower stickers the human male presented as a Yule gift.

There aren’t three hundred and sixty-five of them, so I suspect more will be joining the household at some point. They’ll end up on everything stationery/stationary, where they will be twee but harmless, and no doubt on the felines, which will be funny as hell.

Of course, a new blank book requires the perfect writing implement with which to transcribe all the mortal flotsam which will be consigned to its pristine pages.

I wish I could say that was *all* of them–fountain pens, permanent markers, colored ball-points, gel pens, pencils, etc., etc.—but it most definitely is not.

Green. The human female is thinking of using green in this journal. I approve.

There are green gel pens, including one that develops a gold sheen as it dries. There are at least three green ball-points. Sigyn has suggested the use of a fountain pen filled with the human female’s favorite “Bamboo” ink.

Yes! She has just made her first entry. And just to give her something mischiefy to record, I saw to it that the journal’s paper is not conducive to fountain-pen writing (not smooth enough). She’ll have to switch to something else, thus spoiling the look of the very first page! Ehehehe! She’ll have to use the multipen with the super-slick gel ink.

Pentel i+ 3 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Botanical Green - Limited Edition - PENTEL BGH3BC5

It has the advantage, with its floral barrel, of sort of matching the stickers, but the refills run out very quickly, so it will be annoying all year long.

I call that a good start to 2021!

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