Day: January 12, 2021

What a Difference a Day Makes!

This part of Midgard is famous for its roasting hot summers that make Muspelheim look like a brisk fall day and its mild, sometimes dampish winters. It’s not uncommon to see mortals out and about in shirtsleeves in December and January. Take yesterday, for example–nudging 70 degrees F and the sun was out.

Today is very, very different! It started cooling off last night, and then the rain started. It rained off an on most of the night, and this morning, the promised “wintry mix” materialized and we went from “Winter Storm Watch” to “Winter Storm Warning” to “Here Comes the Sleet” and NOW IT IS SNOWING LIKE SOMEONE UPSTAIRS EMPTYING A FEATHERBED! In Texas!

So now we are all bundled up warm (mortals), bespelled warm (Sigyn), or naturally immune (me) and are going out to walk in it. Sigyn is so excited–she’s never seen snow quite like this! (Is a Frost Giant perhaps helping it along….mmm. Could be!)

Oh, it’s lovely and clean and squeak-crunches underfoot. Sigyn trying to catch the big clumps of flakes on her tongue is adorable, and the human female’s hair and spectacles are filling up with snow, which is hilarious.

The trees are already wearing a good coat of white.

The hollies look especially festive!

It’s sticking pretty well on the grass, too.

It’s somewhat above freezing, but it’s falling faster than it can melt, so it is really starting to pile up.

I think there’s enough now, Sigyn, that we can roll a snowman.

He’s really taking shape!

Great Frigga’s Corset, it’s beginning to look like Fimbulwinter! It is coming down so hard! I can actually hear it hitting the trees. There is about five inches and it’s not slowing down at all!

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Are you becoming chilled, my pet? I think the human male started a pot of hot spiced cider this morning. It should be about ready to drink by now. Let us crunch our way home and spend the rest of the day curled up under a quilt, watching it snow and extirpating the last of the Yule cookies!

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