Day: February 3, 2021

I Repeat: There’s Always Toast

Or there would be, if I hadn’t wiped my hands all over the bread so that it broke out in furry green spots…

Today the human female is going for the leftovers of the oatmeal she made yesterday. The crockpot recipe makes two servings, and since the human male eats it only under duress, the superfluity was neatly packaged up in a little glass container and stored in the cold cabinet.

And here it is. Doesn’t it look vile? I didn’t do that; it looks this way all on its own.

(Sniff, sniff…)

By Idunn’s little apples, I think my mischief worked! That just does not smell right! Sigyn, come smell this and see what you think.

(Sniff, sniff) See what I mean? It’s off, isn’t it? Smells like… dill and garlic, am I right?

Ehehehehehee! She may never figure out how her oatmeal came to be haunted by the Ghost of Tzatziki Past, but I reckon she’ll have an inkling who.

>|: [