Day: February 4, 2021

What?! A Package That’s NOT Beads?!

The humans have received a package in the mail. The arrival of a parcel is always a Big Deal in this household. The humans get excited because they like “stuff.” The felines get excited because maybe it means a new box to sit in. (Or attempt to sit in.) And I get excited because it gives me more things to break, hide, or suborn to my own nefarious purposes.

Oh, this one is a box and not a padded envelope. The kitties will be happy.

Packing slip. I’ll need to hide this, or spill something on it.

Sigyn lives for bubble wrap.

She’s discovered that if she shouts into it, the sound is all muffled and silly.

I may never get her out of there.

Hmm. No tiny shinies today. Looks like a lot of boring writing implement stuff.

Refills for the human female’s multi-pen.

She loves the way this ink writes, but I’ve bespelled the refills so they run out really quickly.

The human male ordered an offset dip pen for practicing his calligraphy.

Be careful, my sweet.

That may be a soft, flexible nib for doing thick and thin lines, but it is still mighty sharp!

More scribey things. Pen. The super-fine red kind the female uses for editing the BBBB.

Sigyn likes the color. I like these because the nib is so fine that if you drop the pen, it bends over at an angle and is probably ruined forever. This is the human female’s third. I’ve mangled two already. Let’s see how long this one lasts.


I approve of the color of this one!


Water and fade-proof red. For edits you really, really want to make.

Pen. (I think I see a pattern here…)

Great Frigga’s Hairpins! It’s a pen that writes a fine gray line. You know, like a pencil. What in the world is the point?

Augh. I need a break from the humans and their foolishness. I will finish unpacking this box later.

>|: [