Day: February 5, 2021

Now We Get to the Fun Stuff 可処分所得が多すぎる人もいます

Sigyn and I are still exploring the contents of the latest box. I think we are getting to what Sigyn calls the “Good Stuff.” She means the colorful things. The cute things. Things from Japan.


“Monboddo’s Hat?” What sort of name is that for an ink? I’m guessing, since there’s a purple stripe on the label, it’s a purple ink. The male already has at least ten of those, but he didn’t have this one. Is it a bluey purple or a reddish purple? I will have to spill a little so I can compare it to all the others.

Ow! My ears!

Sigyn just squeee’d loud and high enough that dogs for miles around are yelping and putting their paws over their ears. Apparently, these tiny post-its that look like notebook pages are “cute.”

All right. Now what is this thing?

Looks vaguely video-game themed, but what is it?

Great Frigga’s corset! It’s even less explicable on the reverse!

Ah. The human male says it’s a protector thingy you can put under a page in your planner or journal so that you don’t make gouges in the pages below. when you write I can see that, but does it have to have that . . . thing on it?

Now, what have we here?

My Allspeak suggests that these might be…

Stickers! The human female wanted them for her boring journal. Fruits and veggies are right up her alley, that’s for certain.

Parakeets and pansies. They’re tiny and will fit in the journal, I’ll give them that.

More “birdies”, this time with apples. The human femae’s such an apple fanatic, I can see why she wanted these.

Uh, oh.

Human female, you may have to fight Sigyn for the bunnies

>: [