The Last of the Yule Goodies

The human female always likes to make the Yule goodies last as long as possible. The cookies are gone, the fudge has long since departed Midgard, the raspberry gumdrops are no more, and the gingerbread has all been snarfed. Sad, really.

That just leaves the marzipan.

She gobbled up all of the confections her mother sent and is now eyeing the candies the human male found for her. Sigyn is very keen to help.

Oh, dear. You’ve left it too long! How sad for you, human female! You’ve only now discovered that I loosened the closure on the wrapper weeks ago, and now these little piggies taste a bit…spoiled. Fascinating. I always thought almond paste just got dry and rocky and tooth-breakingly hard. I had no idea the nut oils could go rancid. Double chin up, old girl. You’ve lost some pigs but furthered the body of scientific knowledge.

Fortunately, there is more marzipan to be had!

Idunn’s little apples! These fruits look real, don’t they, Sigyn?

Right down to the creases in the oranges and the speckles on the pears. Help yourself, my love. I’m sure the human female won’t mind sharing!

Especially when she reads the ingredient label and discovers that this particular brand includes sorbitol as a moisture-holder, which you can eat and which she, well… best not go there.

Too bad for her she has already eaten the other pear.

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