Day: February 15, 2021

Welcome, Fimbulwinter! Part I, the Run-up

The Midgardians are losing their collective marbles. Despite the fact that it was 81 degrees F here just the other day, the region is “enjoying” a winter weather event of “historic proportions.” It started getting cold on Thursday, on Saturday and Sunday, there was sleet and freezing rain, and this is what the forecast looked like as of Sunday afternoon:

It has all unfolded as predicted. It is not just cold–it is be WET and cold.

Real Frost Giant weather.

The local news and weather reporters have been very busy, reminding people to insulate all outdoor pipes, bring in pets and plants, leave the water running, and open cabinet doors so that warm house air can reach the plumbing. The human female spent a good part of Friday morning kneeling on wet mud, fishing around in icy water in the sprinkler system control box, trying to remember how to bleed all the water out of the system so the pipes don’t burst. She failed of course, because A) she couldn’t find the right valve, B) she was losing all feeling in her fingers, and C) I’ve seen to it the one of the valves is so rusted that turning it threatens to snap part of it clean off. She was able to get the irrigation company out to do the service for her, so disaster has been avoided, but I did have the fun of seeing her shivering and muddy, so there’s that.

The other thing that all the locals raced to do is lay in provisions just in case they were prevented from access to snack foods for seventy-two hours or so. The panicky humans in this house joined the throng at the local market, hoping to secure foodstuffs to see them through this cataclysm.

Tsk, tsk. I hope meatloaf wasn’t on the menu. What about a big pot of chicken soup? Was there poultry, hm?


There are some tortillas at the house. Perhaps we can have quesadillas.

Or not.

There was nothing for it except to grab some of the last remaining bath tissue, a few cartons of yogurt, and some potatoes and onions so that stew can be made with whatever’s in the freezer.

Great Frigga’s Corset! The checkout lines stretched from here to Vanaheim! While we waited in line, Sigyn and I amused ourselves by perusing the goods set out along our slowly-advancing path. She was quite enchanted by this miniature book–it was only about a Sigyn and a half tall!

I told her to go ahead and drop it in the cart. We can take turns reading to one another during the ongoing snowpocalypse.

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