Welcome, Fimbulwinter! Part II, the Result

The local weatherpersons were eerily accurate. It commenced to sleet on Sunday evening. The human male thoughtfully brought in a cupful for Sigyn to ooh and ah at.

We ended up with nearly an inch of sleet piled up! This was the forecast as of Sunday night:

And the Special Weather Statement:

Snow on top of sleet on top of ice! A veritable lasagna of frozen precipitation!

We could all hear the wind howling and the sleet hitting the windows. Sometime in the middle of Sunday night, the power outages began–a series of rolling blackouts to keep the power grid from failing. (Luckily for the humans, I’ve given the TIVO a failing hard drive, so when the power comes back on, there’s an anguished groaning noise like a dying rhinoceros. They can always tell when the power comes back on!)

Monday morning, it looked like this:

Which translated to this:

So we all spent the better part of Monday huddled in bed, reading by ambient light and napping by turns and trying not to worry about the kitchen cold water tap, which appears to have frozen, despite all the dripping.

The humans played pioneer last night–there was power long enough to reheat the stew and homemade bread, but they had to eat it by candlelight, wearing many layers. There’s a hand-woven wool blanket on the bed.

This morning, it was a whole six degrees and the power came back on about 7:30. More ice is expected tonight, and we won’t see above freezing until tomorrow or Thursday. I’m fine, and I’m keeping Sigyn warm, but the humans and the kitties are in for a long haul.

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