Day: February 18, 2021

Someone is Probably Dreaming About Smacking a Groundhog

When Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow earlier this month, everyone knew we were in for “six more weeks of winter.” What we didn’t know is that it was all going to come in one week. Night before last, the forecast ice storm materialized, and this is what we woke up to yesterday.

The human female went ’round the outside, checking the outside hose bibs. Nothing appeared to be leaking, but I’m not telling whether I’ve cracked one or not. I’m leaving that as a surprise… It went briefly above freezing, which was good–less ice on power lines–but it has all frozen over again.

The power cycled off and on, off and on. Then the “Please save water!” notices started arriving. Due to line breakages and pump stations lacking power and people running faucets to keep pipes clear, pressure was really low. Several towns around us went to a “boil water” situation. The human female, thinking we might be next, filled up the bathtub and a bunch of pots and pans. It’s fun to watch her overreact…

Sigyn and I stayed inside, snug and warm and laughing (well, I was laughing) at how this whole situation has turned the humans into nearly hibernating bears. They’re wearing so many layers that they are practically rotund, and they look really silly wearing gloves and hats indoors. Naps happen. A lot. The bed is, after all, the warmest place, with its eleventy-two blankets and two very warm felines.

Today the power seems to be holding, though we are still in “conserve” mode and it is still chilly in here. There was more sleet/ice/snow overnight, it is colder today than yesterday (the roads are a MESS), and no glimmer of sun. They say we’ll finally be free of the cold by some time on Saturday. I reckon that’ll ruin the shrubbery for good, and the one remaining hollyhock is toast.

Meanwhile, I’m saving this wicked icicle as a souvenir.

The humans will be talking about this week for years to come. Pffft! This is balmy spring in Jotunheim!

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