Day: February 26, 2021

Who Can Make Mischief in the Kitchen? I CAN

The humans are great fans of flavored fizzy water. The local tap water is beyond vile, and anything tastes better. At any given time, there are a half dozen or so different flavors to be found in the house. The human male likes it because it means he has something that is not soda and some of it is caffeinated. The human female likes it because you can find some without sugar or –gak!–artificial sweeteners.

*I* like it because it gives me ample room to mess with the humans. If they like a flavor, I see that it gets discontinued. If it’s not discontinued, I make sure it’s so popular that it’s always sold out. If they manage to buy some, I have other methods…

Recently, the human male has taken a fancy to this ginger and lemon concoction.

The tall, skinny cans are attractive. But it you’ll notice I did a little combat training with this particular specimen.

I bashed the top about more than a little as well.

Want to know the best part? Let me take my helmet off and see if I can hear it.

Tap, tap, tap…

Yes! I can hear it. The human male will discover, when he picks it up, that this sealed and dented can is half-empty straight from the factory.

My job here is done.

>|: [