Day: March 5, 2021

Another Rattle-y Parcel

Another rattle-y parcel has arrived.

Either something inside is broken, or the human female has been ordering beads again. Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

It is wrapped nicely–and politely, too!

You lift your end, Sigyn, and I’ll lift mine. One, two, three, UP!

Clever! A little printed ruler with wire sizes and bead diameters.

Sigyn appreciates the kitty.

Ehehehehehe! Look at these!

Not only did I manage to up the quantity when she was ordering so that she bought two instead of one, but these EXACTLY duplicate a bunch of beads she already has. They look different in online photographs, and she keeps being fooled. Sucker!

The larger, purple-lined blue ones are okay, but I think the metallic blue and coppery ones are rather “meh.”

This tube is full of cube-shaped beads.

Sigyn likes them and thinks they would be fun to play with. I hope no one tries to make me wear any.

Didn’t she get any GOOD green ones?

Sigyn likes the tiny mixed raspberryish ones, but what on earth is the human female going to do with the very, very pale pinky-flesh ones? Is that even a real color?

I swear, her taste is all in her mouth…

>|: [