A Prescription for Mischief, Part III: Oh, So Many Call-backs…

I have chronicled my previous attempts to make the human female’s life more miserable through the medium of mail-order-delivery of prescriptions. Having them lost in the mail is always fun…

I wrote recently about the human female’s latest attempts to get headache medicines. To recap: Former Squish Fonts (FSF), on their website, offered her the option to get her meds in a three-months’ supply. She jumped at the chance because that’s cheaper, easier, and uses less packaging. That was denied, of course, because the Feds won’t trust her with that many tablets. Next, she renewed her prescription for one measly month’s supply, and that came. Then, near the end of the whole phone/address/wrong doctor debacle, the person on the phone offered to renew her headache medicine. She was so discombobulated that she agreed, forgetting that she had the brand-new shipment sitting on the table at home and wasn’t due to be able to order more for a month. When she remembered, she figured the refill request would get cancelled for duplication and that would be the end of it.

Then the duplication prescription came.

Which she very nearly needed, because when she fished something out of her backpack in the car when she and the human male went to the store the other day, her bubble-wrapped set of headache pills fell out of the backpack and I kicked it out of the car entirely as she went into the store. I almost got away with that little prank, but when she was getting back into the car to go home, she spotted the little goobers on the asphalt and retrieved them. (But then I misplaced her glasses, so it was an okay day, if not as much fun as losing a precious eleven orally dissolving tablets.)

Fast forward to today, when FSF robo-called her about Exciting Opportunities to Save Time and Money!! For some reason (innocent whistle), she’s none too fond of their robo-calls, so she hung up. Not twenty minutes later, a real person from FSF called with news about Exciting Opportunities to Save Time and Money!! Reluctantly, she answered the call.

What did they want? Well, after verifying her address (snort!), the Helpful Representative offered her easy online renewal of a non-headache medicine she is still trying out and of which she has about a hundred doses left. She declined.

And then they asked her if she wanted to refill her headache tablets.

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