Day: April 1, 2021

Ehehehee! They April Fooled Themselves!

The humans are always on the lookout for unusual produce. Recently, the human male, on one of his shopping forays, purchased two of something called lemon plums

They really do look like lemons, do they not?

He tried one and was unimpressed. He put the other in the chill chest and forgot about it.

The other day, the human female went looking for lemons for something. She dug around in the fruit drawer and pulled one out and said, “This lemon looks weird. It has a red nose. Do you suppose it’s all right?”

And then enlightenment smacked her right between the eyes.

She was going to take a photo to show how much this variety looks like a lemon, but she has a brain like a sieve and forgot for a few days. She has just this minute rounded it up again, only to find that it has ripened from yellow to orangey-red.

It no longer resembles a lemon, and apparently the riper one gets the redder it becomes.

According to the interwebs, you’re supposed to wait for them to get red in the first place. No wonder the one the male ate was underwhelming!

Half-wits, both of them.

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