Day: April 6, 2021

A Wee Anniversary Trip

Sigyn and I marked our anniversary on March 28, but since the snow delayed the spring wildflowers by about two weeks, we waited until now to go out and celebrate. I nagged the humans into taking us down to Old Baylor in Independence.

There are some picturesque ruins, if one likes that sort of thing. Midgardian history bores me, though. It only got interesting after “I” showed up.

I was much more impressed by the venerable live oaks.

Which are very good for dangling, if a bit too pollen-y for my taste. I’m going to have to wash my cloak when we get home, I just know it.

Old Baylor is one of the best places to look for bluehats in these parts, and even though it has been a bit too dry, they don’t disappoint.

Where did Sigyn go?

The Indian Paintbrush is making a showing as well.

Hee hee hee! I’m hiding!

There are lots of other things here. The human female says this one is something called a “Fringed Puccoon.”

I still maintain she just makes this stuff up.

More yellow something:

Tetraneuris? More like “Tetra-nerdis”. Enough with the Latin–what’s the non-slanty common name? Did you say, “Nerve ray?”

Sorry I asked.

Sniff, sniff. I smell–onions?

Even though Sigyn’s favorite color is red, she still tends to gravitate toward the blue and purple flowers.

That one’s “Baby Blue Eyes.” Ridiculous name.

And that’s some not-very-in-focus Skullcap. I don’t see what part of it looks like a skullcap. That’s it. Humans should not be allowed to name things anymore. From now on, I will do the honors.

Behold, Sigyn and some…

Star-leaved Cobalt Puffs.

>|: [