Day: April 8, 2021

Loki, God of Dis-cord, Part II: The Sound of Silence

The human female listens to weird “music” while she’s working. Sea shanties. Mongolian heavy metal throat singing. Russian Orthodox liturgical chant. Obscure Baroque composers. French counter-tenors. Irish drinking songs about the metabolism of ethanol. Funny songs in broad Scots.

Obviously, no one she shares space with wants to hear all of this stuff, so she usually opts for headphones to keep coworkers (and spouse!) from strangling her.

She can’t be trusted with high-tech wireless Bluetooth headphones, so she has relied upon old-fashioned wired headphones.

Sigyn has very sensitive ears and the horror podcast the human female’s been listening to leaks out of the headphones and gives my sweetie nightmares.

I have taken care of that.

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