A Box of A Very Different Sort

Sigyn, look! The human female came home with another box today. What did we get?

“Return?” Is it not something we’re going to get to keep?

A phone?

She already has a phone! What does she need another one for? It’s big, and very shiny. Sigyn can see her cute little face in it.

Phones need chargers.

Hmm. But this doesn’t look like the ones I’ve seen. Of course, I’m more familiar with iPhones than Androids, so maybe this is normal?

What the…?

Sigyn, why do you suppose saline wipes are included? I mean, phones do get dirty, but they don’t usually come with anything like this.

Oh. Maybe this is not a phone. Or not just a phone.

The human female has been having some chest pain and a racing heart lately. Maybe this is a way for her doctor to keep an eye on her without actually having to look at or (shudder!) touch her?

I think this part will actually stick on her and hold the actual monitor bit.

That’s going to make the clothes fit weirdly.

Not your normal phone menu.

She can push a button on the gizmo on her chest and let the machine know if she’s having any symptoms.

That’s a very boring menu. While Sigyn goes off to see if there’s anything she can do for the human female, I think I’ll reprogram this to have some more interesting options.

>|: [

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