I Am a Huge Fan of Peace and Quiet

The human female is not a huge fan of exercise, but she does like to run the felines around to keep them from becoming too cushion-shaped. (Taffy is basically a furry slinky with a soft tummy and Flannel is narrow but has a neck and shoulders like a line-backer. I heard the human female say that. I have no idea what a line-backer is and I can’t be bothered to look it up.)

The felines’ favorite toy is a catnip fish with a bell and ribbons on, affixed via a length of fine line to a “fishing rod.” Because, of course, a cat’s natural prey are festive, pink, jingly fish that bob about in midair.

Both felines are adept and nimble leapers. Taffy, especially, achieves heights (snort!) of acrobatic flight that are wondrous to behold. It is not always easy to keep Jingle Fish out of the reach of clever little paws, and a play session can become very noisy, what with jingles and landing thumps and the squeak of claws and paw pads on laminate flooring as Flannel corners at great speed. (They both appear to obey the laws of Cartoon Physics, and it is not unusual to see feet churning and no forward motion being achieved.)

Today the laughing and thumping and jingling and squeaking became a bit too much for me and I arranged for this to happen in order to gain for myself some peace and quiet:

Confused? What if I tell you that the above shows me clinging to the fishing rod, and that this:

…documents where the fish ended up.

>|: [

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