Day: April 22, 2021

Escape to the Big City to the West! Part III: Trinkets and Tchotchkes and Plushes, Oh My

Suitably fortified with beany goo, seaweed, and fried things, we are continuing our exploration of the shops in this strip center. We have been to the Japanese emporium before, the one that sells every sort of cute thing one could think of, as well as many cute things no one should have thought of.

I am not a big fan of “cute.” But my beloved is, so in we go.

I am pleased to see that their door sentinel/mascot is taking appropriate precautions.

Sigyn has made a bee-line for the cute stationery. She has a fondness for ornate, pop-up greeting cards.

Likewise, anything with little animals is fair game. She can’t decide between penguins or penguins AND other creatures.

Does anyone besides me find it suspicious that products meant to dispense highly colorful page markers feature only animals which are inherently black and white? And I’m not sure what nutritional value there is in albino bamboo, so that panda won’t be with us very long.

Aha! I have found something that is not cute. Nothing cute at all about fierce, dragon-shaped pen and paintbrush rests.

Which….are right next door to some “adorable” (Sigyn’s word, not mine) veggie-shaped ones, so my island of non-cute is very small indeed.

They look nice and heavy, though. Wonder what would happen if I accidentally dropped one on the glass shelving?

This shop is completely full of things no one needs. I mean, look at this:

Sigyn wants one, I can tell. Dearest, you know full well that if you put out one of those...things, with its tongue in a bowl of water so that it could water a tiny, tiny plant, the felines would a) drink the water, b) swat the plastic puppy all over the house, and then c) eat the plant. And then the human female would get all shouty and the cats would puke plant bits and you’d cry and someone who’s not me would have to clean up the mess. Let’s just avoid the heartache and go look at the plushies, all right?

This giant peach (pumpkin? peachkin?) has put a smile on my sweetie’s face for sure.

(later, later, and more later)

Aren’t the humans EVER going to be done in here? I’ve been in this place so long that I’m starting to identify with this grumpy mushroom.

I feel you, buddy. I feel you.

>|: [