Day: April 30, 2021

What The Who?

The humans have found some creative ways to keep in touch with their friends during this era of social distancing and minimal contact. Usually, on a Friday or Saturday each week, they all (or some subset of all, depending on who’s free) will meet up online to chat and play games.

One of the games is a players-together-vs-the-game affair that involves giving one-word clues so that the guesser will say a particular word, with the catch that if two of the clues match, they are thrown out, leaving the guesser with fewer ideas to go by. Thus, should the clue-givers go for the most obvious clue and risk matching, or go for something a little more subtle and risk the guesser not guessing? Sometimes I whisper in the clue-givers’ ears and they all match up and the guesser has nothing to guess from. That’s always good for a laugh.

Sometimes I make sure they get a word that no one could get from a one word clue.

Tonight I have something even more diabolical planned.

Time for the next word! Looks like the humans and their friends are trying to get Terry to say, “button”.

Ehehehe! There’s only one problem. There is no Terry in the game. There’s no way to correct the AI’s notion that there is, no way for anyone to pretend to be Terry, no way to skip to the next word, and nothing for it but to restart the game.

They should thank me. I have it on very good authority that cussing together can be an exemplary and very cathartic shared activity.

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