A New Opportunity for Mischief

A new market has opened in town! This one is actually on property owned by the University, and it supposed to be very convenient for students and visitors to campus.

They opened at 6:00 this morning, and it’s only 10:00 now. Sigyn, do you realize what this means?

All of the shopping carts probably still have wheels that all point in the same direction.

But let’s see if the human female can find all the ways that I *did* make mischief.

One good measure of a market is the produce section. The human female has Opinions on produce.

That is quite a display of Aggie Horticultural Ingenuity! The human female immediately notice a glaring omission, the most famous A&M invention, the Aggie Maroon Carrot. That one was easy. Can you find all the others?

Very good!

Honeycrisp are often the most expensive apples at any given point, but that price is a tad high, even for them. Well-spotted. Still a little too simple, though.

Waiting… Oh! The human male has spotted the next bit of mischief.

Read it again.

Very well. You’ve found the mischief in the produce section. Carry on!

The selection in this store is very obviously geared toward dorm students. There are a myriad of study-break snacks, instant foods, microwavable meals, and shelf after shelf of canned…things.

The humans did not know that there were that many kinds of Vienna sausage on the planet.

Everything is lined up so neatly! No one has had a chance to disarrange anything yet. (I’ll come in and do some of that tonight.) The humans are also marveling at some of the brand names. This is the only store of this chain in the city, so all of its unfamiliar house brands just look like “play” food— or the sorts of knock-offs usually offered by the dollar stores.

The merchandise also seems to skew toward game-day tailgate parties and cookouts. There are huge quantities of grillable meats, a whole wall of sausage, and every kind of sauce one can imagine.

I am very proud of this particular. juxtaposition.

The human male is excited! He has found some of the green salsa sauce that goes very well on nearly anything There’s even a coupon! There is only one, teensy-weensy problem.

*Cough, cough, expiredtwomonthsagocough* Another of my little jokes. The human male has brought it to a clerk’s attention, and someone has just been detailed to go and remove all the coupons from all of the jars.

Let us see. There’s a lot of alcohol, a selection of ice chests, plenty of cookies and chips, and a bakery section with some Sigyn-approved, rather festive, sprinkle-spangled cupcakes.

Ehehe! The human female has found my last bit of mischief. She’s just discovered that there is a whole end-cap of the tortilla chips she likes best, the ones she usually can find only in a Large Market in a Big City. Now that they are this close to hand, she is doomed. Might as well go ahead and buy bigger pants. (Sadly, this store does not carry bigger pants, though you can purchase an Aggie T-shirt.)

All in all, this is a serviceable store, though I doubt it will become the humans’ favorite food emporium. Too close to campus, a bit more expensive than the usual market, and missing some things the humans really like.

Sigyn, what’s your opinion? What’s that? They’ve passed your fail-proof supermarket test?

You’re right. That’s the only thing that matters.

>|: [


  1. What’s worse than SPAM? GENERIC SPAM!! I saw deviled ham in there, too, at the edge of the photo …. which means “POTTY MEAT” could not have been too far away!!!!

    PS – What are “Smooth Zest Nectarines”? Nectarines don’t really have ‘zest’, do they? Now, if they had said “Smooth PEACHES” – that would be something to be excited about! (And no, a nectarine is not a smooth peach, of course!)

    1. Actually, a nectar IS a smooth peach. One mutation. Though I think they’ve been selected for a slightly different taste

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