Day: June 2, 2021

A Painted Adventure, Part III: Prettier and Prettier! (Sigyn Speaks)

Whew! Our little group of three vehicles was a little late to our third painted church, but we found it! Praha used to be called something else, but the Czech settlers renamed it after Prague. I didn’t get a photo of the outside since it was raining. It is partly made out of limestone quarried not too far from here.

Assumption of the Blessed Mother, Praha has a barrel-vaulted ceiling that is painted wood. And the painting is all plants!

It’s supposed to look like the Garden of Eden, and it does! If you look very closely, one of the cathedrals in Prague is painted there too. There is another very fancy altar–which the guide says was made by the same company that made the last one we saw. Imagine hauling that all the way from San Antonio! The altar rail and pulpit are very fancy. They had been put away in storage but were found when the church was restored. Wasn’t that lucky?

The font is very ornate, too.

There is a LOT of gilding in here. It must have taken months to redo it all!

I quite like this band of stenciling on the walls.

More flowers!

Our last church is built of red brick with some white stone accents. St. Mary’s/ Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in High Hill is regarded as the “Queen of Painted Churches”–and it’s not hard to see why!

Everywhere you look, there is some scroll-y foliage. (Scrolly foliage, scrolly foliage, scrolly foliage–that’s fun to say!) The guide says the ceiling is done with panels of painted wallpaper that were made “back East.” The pillars are painted to look like marble and there are a lot of statues–lady saints on one side and gentlemen on the other. The altar is from the same company again! I guess they made a specialty of making big altars for little churches.

Oooh! Look at the arch! It has everything–scrolly foliage, words, pictures, and some lovely blue flowers underneath.

The windows here are very fine. They are from three dates–1899, 1909, and 1930–which is why they don’t all exactly match.

Look how pretty! The human male is taking lots and lots of photos. I hope he gets a good one of the flowers in this design!

I hope Loki is happy in the car with his book, because I could just sit and look at this place all day.

Sigh. We can’t stay too long, though. The guide has to close up the church. It’s time to get back in the car and head for home. We could try going back a different way, or we take the same route we came. Let’s go the same way, please! I want to look at all of the funny animal yard art around Round Top, because I’m sure I missed something on the way down!

What a FUN day!

: )